April 16, 2013

Illustrator of The Week – Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield 'Reversed'

Currently completing her Masters degree in Drawing, Nettie Wakefield has been working on independent projects since 2009. Her current series that is being exhibited is called 'Reversed Portraits' and contains stunningly pencil drawn portraits, however from behind, hence 'reversed'.

What was your inspiration for this series?
I was sitting in a lecture, and the girl in front of me had a really interesting hair style, so I began to sketch it, then noticed another girl's head that looked interesting from behind, and I began to imagine who she was and what she looked like from what I could see from the back of her head. The series is aimed at provoking curiosity and intrigue in the viewer.

Why did you only focus on the back?
I find it interesting to see how much information you can gather from someone by focusing on somewhere which is seldom given much attention. 

Is drawing with pencil your specialty or do you also use other techniques?
I love drawing with pencil and it's something that I have always instinctively done. I have painted a lot in the past with oils and still use ink. Things may change, but for now I'm not planning on parting with my pencil.

Are these works exhibited somewhere, if so until when?
They were shown at the National Gallery for one week in March for my interim show. Within the next month a select few will be shown and for sale at Radio on Redchurch Street and possibly a one-night show at Maneros private members club, 25th April, on Kingland Road.

What are you future plans / projects?
I'm currently experimenting with scale but continuing the theme... After that? Who knows! The next thing in my calender is a group show with roughly five other emerging artists at the Rook and Raven Gallery on Rathbone Place from June till August 2013, then my MA drawing graduate show in September.


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